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Q. What is the grade of the HEPA filter?

Airtory sells three different filters:

  1. H11 grade filter (normal) comes with the product. This product comes with activated carbon filter that filters odours and organic chemicals. It filters out 95% of fine dust of 0.3 micrometer.
  1. Remove the activated carbon filter filters (Windy) into the grade H11 HEPA filter to double the. It is the filter which more wind comes out. It is recommended to use it in the summer or when it is not covered.
  1. H13 grade filter (strong) - This filter filters 99% of 0.3㎛ fine dust. Its high performance reduces the amount of wind. As the purifying range is smaller, it is recommended to use it when you want a cleaner condition in a narrow space like a stroller or in a low concentration environment.


Q. How often do I need to replace the filter?

It is recommended to change the HEPA filter every 2-3 months, depending on the usage of the product.


Q. How do I keep the product firmly on the pram without it sliding.

As there are many different models and make of strollers in the market, there is a possibility of the product slipping. To prevent this from happening, you may attach the non-slip adhesive stickers at bottom of the product. Please refer to the pictures below.


Q. What is the effective range of the product?

The purifier covers up to 2 meters in radius.


Q. Why is the charging so slow?

Fast charging inadvertently produces larger amount of heat. Not only does this affects the lifespan of the battery, it is not recommended as this product is used around young children. Therefore, slow charging has been adopted for our air purifiers.


Q. What is the charge time and continuous use time?

A fully charged device can run for 5 hours on the 1 st mode, and 3 hours the on 2 nd mode. It has a USB port, so it be charged using a portable battery pack when you are on the go.


Q. The noise emitted from the product is slightly loud. Why is this so? 

In order to increase the air purification capacity of the product, dual motors and fans with reverse rotation are used. While the sound produced is slightly louder, it will hardly be noticed in an outdoor setting.


Q. When I shake it, it makes a sound.

 It is sound of the activated carbon within the filter.


Q. The buttons is not functioning.

Perform a forced set by pressing the reset button next to the charging terminal with a sharp tool.

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